PFI Day!

20:49:36 MST on Sunday August 24 2008 #

This morning I went hunting for ingredients. And boy did I find them.

PFI most notably had an elderflower syrup, which is St Germain, without the alcohol. It is amazing.

In the drinks department I found Island Style Ginger Beer - which is the best ginger beer in a bottle yet. Clearly they use chile peppers -and boy does it rock. I think I'm going to have to add some chile to my next batch.

Also lemon stuffed olives, olive oil, and apricot paste. If I can't make something out of that....

Then we hit the winemaking store under the market. Champagne yeast for the Ginger Beer. And an assortment of bottles -- though Jane did get the most awesome one - a clear 1 liter Grolsch-style.

And finally we headed upstairs to Tenzing Momo where I picked up some Quassia and Gentian for my run at some bitters. An excellent store - now I wish I knew more about arcane herbs and spices :)


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