It's snowing on twitter.

15:41:51 MST on Saturday December 1 2007 #

This is a big deal:

(robdolin): ! Big snow flakes in downtown Seattle
(jmelloy): Tracking "Seattle" means a bunch of people shocked by snow.
(djwudi): Snow in North Seattle!
(SngForgiven): It's finally snowing! Because now I wont have to hear people going on and on about how it might snow. I think Seattle is afraid of snow.
(ryanstewart): Crap, it's snowing in Seattle. Bummer.
(reboog711): @ryanstewart I thought Seattle only had Rain?
(jimreppond): snowing hard now in Seattle. That's it! I'm done showing townhomes for the day. Time for wine& football.
(echuckles) journal-writing and watching the huge snowflakes fall out the window. all i need is some tea and i'm a fucking seventy year-old.
(monde): Snow in Seattle, seemed like S3 was having DOS up here, but all is well now
(kickstand): It's snowing!! (We don't get much in Seattle)
(libraryman): It's snowing in Seattle! Very pretty and (fairly rare too).
(natala): Seattle!! They are calling it a white out!!! I love snow. Cubes too.
(CurrencyNala): Bellingham is snowy and icy. How is seattle?
(davewolf): Snow in Seattle? Really @ryanstewart?
(theprint): Yay, snow in Seattle. I get to laugh at everyone freaking out over a little powder. Snow noobs.
(doulweapons): I hear It's snowing in seattle
(cemcatik): It's fricking snowing in Seattle!
(cunninghizzizam): Yeah. Snow and seattle don't mix well.
(kvwong): it's snowing in seattle!!!
(Blogography): Watching it snow... Seattle side. Scary when that happens.
(yvettemn): Snowy Saturday in Seattle
(nmcfarl) Snow, snow, snow, snow! Snow, snow, snow, snow! Just sooooooo pretty out there.
(ryanstewart): I love the Seattle Twitterers. I feel like we're a big extended family sharing experiences across the city. I'll even count east siders.
(MarinaMartin): Seattle Snow:
(tyr): @jimreppond Snow is seattle is so much fun! I love how it shuts the city down
(MarinaMartin): @sts9 You can have the Seattle snow. I'll ship it to you. FedEx. @robertmerrill you'll take care of it right? :)
(aceytech): Snowing Here in Seattle!
(nickf) is waiting for the flakes to stick deep enough so he can strap on his snowboard and ride down Fremont Ave!
(annahong): its snowing in seattle!
(coxdr): Laying in my hospital bed watching out the window at thick snow falling from the Seattle skies. Beautiful!
(tiffehr) The snow has me calling all my family members to figure out plans, schedules, who's got snow, who'll be around for skiing....
(TVMediaAG): @MarinaMartin holy cow, snow in seattle, I have to call my parents!

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