Fri Dec 7 10:37:32 2012

A quick tip. If you are getting this huge ugly warning when using LWP against a HTTPS site:

 Using the default of SSL_verify_mode of SSL_VERIFY_NONE for client
 is depreciated! Please set SSL_verify_mode to SSL_VERIFY_PEER
 together with SSL_ca_file|SSL_ca_path for verification.
 If you really don't want to verify the certificate and keep the
 connection open to Man-In-The-Middle attacks please set
 SSL_verify_mode explicitly to SSL_VERIFY_NONE in your application.

And for some reason you don't care about Man-In-The-Middle attacks, adding the the verify_hostname => 0, SSL_verify_mode => 0x00 options to your LWP::UserAgent construction should make things go:

my $ua = LWP::UserAgent->new(
                         ssl_opts => {
                             verify_hostname => 0, 
                             SSL_verify_mode => 0x00